About us


Our Mission

Programma integra is an integrated social cooperative founded in 2005 and dealing with innovative projects for social inclusion of migrants and refugees. Its activity relates to encourage paths of  sustainable and durable autonomy and contribute to the welfare and development of the Community.

How Programma integra achieves its mission:

  • Carrying out social inclusion programs.
    Programma integra develops and implements interventions in favour of migrants and applicants and beneficiaries of international protection.  It provides a range of services such as social and legal counseling, job orientation, counseling services, vocational training courses and Italian language courses, intercultural mediation initiatives, social mediation services in the field of housing and support to entrepreneurship.
    Such interventions are carried out by a team of social professionals through a modular and integrated approach. They identify an individually tailored set of services helping each beneficiary reaching his social and economic autonomy.
  • Promoting cooperation, knowledge and innovation among social professionals.
    Programma integra offers to social professionals refresher and training courses, provides information services through a web platform, organizes seminars and workshops and carries out activities of research and exchange of best practices.
  • Promoting the involvement of the Community in the challenge of integration.
    Programma integra carries out information and awareness-raising actions aimed at citizens and economic players of the area.
  • Providing support to institutions in high impact projects
    Programma integra provides technical assistance to the local authorities in planning, managing, monitoring and reporting of innovative interventions of social inclusion for migrants and refugees.

Programma integra activities are based on the following values:

  • Centrality of individuals intended as listening and recognition of the other, allowing for a new culture of positive welcome, integration and social inclusion.
  • Quality in the management of interventions through teamwork, constant monitoring and evaluation of processes.
  • Innovation through research and experimentation with new forms of interventions.
  • Equal opportunities as building blocks for a more equitable and cohesive society.

Programma integra is based in Rome – via Assisi 41 at Migration, Asylum and Social Integration Center (Centro cittadino per le migrazioni, l’asilo e l’integrazione sociale). Among its functions are the provision of exhibitions, conferences and seminars spaces and proposals to local residents from the third sector organisations active in the area of migration.