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Programma integra develops and carries out interventions in favour of migrants as well as seekers and holders of international protection, providing services of socio-legal assistance, job orientation, individual and  group sessions of counselling, Italian language courses and vocational training, intercultural mediation services, social mediation in the field of housing.

The measures are put in place by a team of social professionals who, with a modular and integrated approach, identify a network of personalized services for each target, to support each person in the social autonomy pathway.

Current projects

Training and supervision course for social and public workers involved in the migrant services

The project aims at to strengthen the skills and improve the knowledge of public and social workers involved in the services addressed to migrants, asylum seekers and refugees. The project is financed by the fund ‘Municipalities of the Lazio Region that adhere to SPRAR – The Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees’.

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Xing-Crossing Percorsi di inserimento per giovani migranti

The Xing-Crossing project aims at supporting and facilitating the inclusion pathways of unaccompanied foreign minors and youngsters who have just come of age (17-21 years old) received in Turin, Rome and Catania, with a particular attention at all the components of inclusion and integration such as the educational, training, welfare and social dimension. Xing – Crossing is co-funded Fondazione Cariplo, Compagnia di San Paolo, Fondazione CON IL SUD, Enel cuore, JPMorgan Chase Foundation, Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Torino, Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Cuneo, Fondazione Cassa di risparmio di Padova e Rovigo, Fondazione Monte dei paschi di Siena and Fondazione Peppino Vismara (european Programme EPIM ‘Never alone – Building our future with children and youth arriving in Europe’).

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Percorsi 2 – Labour integration for unaccompained minors (Integrazione socio-lavorativa per minori stranieri non accompagnati)

The project aims at the development of integrated pathways for socio-economic inclusion of young migrants, in order to support them in the enhancement of their skills and competences.
The initiative is promoted by ANPAL Servizi S.p.a. on behalf of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policies – General Directorate of Immigration and integration policies (CUP: I56D15000350001 ”Funded with PON INCLUSION – FSE 2014-2020”).

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Friendly Hospital for migrant women – health has no race

Friendly hospital for migrant women project – health has no race seeks to facilitate access and use of health care services for migrant women, through the activation of organisational and welfare processes, aimed at guaranteeing the principle of inclusion, as well as improving the quality of health care assistance. The project is co-funded by TIM foundation.

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Management of the service of migrants reception at the Immigration office of Rome City Council

The service is designed as an orientation and assistance hub for the migrant population at the top of the Reception and Inclusion Management of Rome City Council. It incorporates functions of reception, listening, orientation and provision of consulting specialised services and project planning. The service is promoted by Rome City Council, Department of Social services, Subsidiarity and Health – Immigration office which supports the Protection System for Asylum Seekers and Refugees(SPRAR) and is funded by the Nation Fund for the Asylum Policies and Services (FNPSA).

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