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Information and services for integration of migrants and refugees

To promote equal opportunities, to contribute to social inclusion and cohesion.

Programma integra is a social enterprise/non-profit association whose aim is to contribute to the well-being and development of an inclusive community through interventions and services in the social, educational and psychological fields.

Areas of intervention

Social inclusion and Reception
Programma integra develops and implements interventions in favor of people situation of social vulnerability such as migrants, applicants and beneficiaries of international protection, foreign minors, LGBTQI+, Roma people, homeless and unemployed people offering reception services, socio-legal assistance, counseling and psychological support, job orientation, empowerment, Italian language and training courses, linguistic-cultural mediation, support to housing.

Youth and Family
Programma integra implements services to support childhood, adolescence and families through the management of educational and care spaces, parenting support, recreational and pedagogical workshops, counseling counters, actions to combat school dropout and educational poverty. It also offers psychological support and individual or group supervision to professionals working in the socio-educational field.

International Projects, Research, Training
Programma integra promotes and participates in European projects aimed to develop and share innovative strategies and tools on topics such as social inclusion of people in vulnerable situations (migrants and refugees, youth, women, LGBTQ+, Roma people, etc.), anti-discrimination, gender issues, human rights and global citizenship, training and capacity building of social and educational workers. It also carries out social research at national and international level on issues related to migration, social inclusion and new poverty. It provides training and updating courses on social inclusion, diversity management, migration, etc.

Technical Assistance
Programma integra offers technical assistance to public bodies and social organizations in the design, management, monitoring and reporting of social and educational interventions financed by European and national funds.

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Programma integra joins the following European networks:

The practices of Programma integra

The fight against sexual exploitation and abuse and the protection of minors also begins with safeguarding the work environment that every day comes into contact with people at risk of abuse. From this principle stems our desire to implement two new practices through the provision of specific training and awareness-raising actions aimed at increasing responsibility and awareness on the part of staff and all those involved in project activities and services aimed at its beneficiaries.
Read our code of conduct for practitioners involved in programs and services targeting unaccompanied foreign minors and related to prevention of sexual abuse and exploitation
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1 Sexual exploitation and sexual abuse (sea)



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