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Information and services for integration of migrants and refugees


Programma integra is a social cooperative, whose aim is to implement and support plans for the social integration of migrants and refugees, in order to promote the start-up of sustainable and durable processes of autonomy and to contribute to the welfare and the development of the community.

Programma integra carries out this mission through:

  • Planning of social inclusion pathways. Programma integra develops and carries out interventions in favour of migrants as well as seekers and holders of international protection, providing services of socio-legal assistance, job orientation, individual and group sessions counselling, Italian language courses and vocational training, intercultural mediation services, social mediation in the field of housing. The measures are put in place by a team of social professionals who, with a modular and integrated approach, identifies a network of tailored services for each target, to support each person in the social  autonomy pathway.
  • Promoting of cooperation, knowledge and innovation among the social professionals. Programma integra provides to social professionals training and refresher courses and information services. It organizes seminars and workshops, promotes and carries out activities of exchange of best practices.
  • The involvement of the community in the integration challenge. Programma integra promotes campaigns to inform and raise public awareness among citizens and economic operators of the area.
  • Support to the institutions in the high-impact project planning. Programma integra offers technical support to the local administration in the planning, management, monitoring and accountability of innovative projects aimed at the social inclusion of migrants and refugees.

The work of Programma integra is based on the following values:

  • Centrality of the person understood as listening and recognition of another individual as the foundation of a new reception culture.
  • Quality in managing interventions, through team work, constant monitoring and evaluation processes.
  • Innovation as research and trial for new forms of intervention.
  • Equal opportunities as a principle on which to build a fairer society.

Programma integra was set up in 2005 and has its offices in Via San Antonio Maria Gianelli 19-19b, in Rome.

Programma integra is officially registered at the following registers:

  • Social cooperatives register: registration A 178 078
  • Social cooperatives register at Regione Lazio-Dipartimento Programmazione economica e sociale- Direzione regionale Politiche sociali e famiglia: registration 705 – 1254
  • Register of organizations and institutions that carry out activities in favour of immigrants. First section. Ministry of Labour: registration A/482/2007/RM
  • Register of organizations and institutions that carry out activities in the field of fighting discriminations – UNAR register 142 25/10/2007 – prot.977/UNAR
  • Special list of social cooperatives type B ( law n.381/1991) – Rome City Council – Department of Social services, Subsidiarity and Health: registration n. 163
  • Regional register of associations that operate in favour of foreign immigrants citizens L.R.10/08 art.27 DGR 213/2010: registration second section – code S2-RRAM-81

Programma integra is accredited at the Ministry of Labour and Social services to implement activities of intermediation as an association dedicated to the safeguard of labour and disability, to entrepreneurial activities and training courses ex art. 6 c. 1lett.e del d.Igs. 276/2003.

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