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Programma integra works on the implementation of research and exchange of best practices projects on a European level.

Main topics of the projects:

  • Migrant enterprise
  • Training and development of professional competences of social professionals
  • Social entrepreneurship
  • Training of migrants and refugees
  • Foreign unaccompanied minors

Main funding programmes:

Erasmus +

AMIF – Asylum Migration and Integration Fund

EaSI – Employment and Social Innovation Programme

Our partners

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Current projects


The project aims to provide entrepreneurial skills to vulnerable groups in the partner countries through a transnational needs analysis and training to equip project partners with the necessary skills to conduct national awareness-raising campaigns in the partnership countries. The project is funded by Erasmus + programme – KA 2 Strategic Partnerships in the field of Adult Education.

– Management and dissemination
– Study on the perception of entrepreneurship among members of the two target groups (staff of partner organisations and vulnerable adults)
– Selection of people to be trained as “entrepreneurship promoters”
– Design and implementation of a support course to train “entrepreneurship promoters”
– Development of an Awareness-raising Plan
– Realisation of an Awareness-raising Campaign
– Elaboration of a Concept note for the follow-up of the project

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Technical assistance and operational support to the Rome Municipality management team in the activities of reporting, monitoring, co-planning, training, research within the framework of social inclusion projects aimed at fighting poverty, financed through ESF (European Social Fund) and National Funds

Service in support of the Social Policies Department of Rome Municipality in the framework of the activities addressed to beneficiaries of “Reddito di Cittadinanza” (Citizenship Income) as National measure to fight poverty and social exclusion. The service is financed by the “Quota Servizi” of the Poverty Fund – year 2019.

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Research ‘The territory as a driver of the local development from a transcultural perspective’

The research aims to identify the needs of third-countries citizens living in the 17 municipalities of Valle del Tevere Consortium – Social and Health District 4.4. It is funded by Valle del Tevere Consortium under the IMPACT Lazio project, co-funded by the European Commission and the Ministry of the Interior under the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF).

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REC – Professional skills’ development for recognition and validation of informal and non-formal competences learning of migrants and refugees & labour market inclusion

REC aims at enhance and create transnational standardized professional competence of participating practitioners and stakeholders of VET in line with EU standards. Furthermore, REC intends to share and improve tools and practice that can make non-formal and informal skills of migrants and refugees visible. The project is co-funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus+ Programme 2018, Activity Key 2, Cooperation for the innovation and the exchange of best practices.

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Completed projects