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Programma integra delivers projects and socio-educational services aimed at the early childhood and at the family support. Special attention is given to families in a fragile social condition.

The services topics and projects concern the education to the citizenship, intercultural dialogue, psychological support and to parenthood, the compromise between work and private life.

Currently the main project is a space for children age 18 to 36 months, based on the Maria Montessori guidelines.

Current projects

Bene Comune project

The Bene Comune project aims to improve the overall system of governance, management and taking charge of beneficiaries and applicants and holders of international and humanitarian protection in Roma Capitale in order to facilitate their paths to integration and autonomy. The initiative is financed by the Department of Social Policies – Reception and Inclusion of Rome Municipalities, with regional funds allocated to municipalities hosting SAI – Reception and Inclusion System – reception projects.

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Nursery piccolo nido

Since September 2017 Programma integra has been running the nursery piccolo nido, a facility for the early childhood, a friendly and cosy environment designed for children age 18 to 36 months. The activities of care and play are structured and organised into two shifts, from 8.00 to 13.00 and from 13.30 to 18.30, during which some snacks are provided, which are prepared for the children and with the children. It is possible to access the nursery privately, should places be available, by contacting the facility itself.

The approach of the nursery is based on the guidelines of Maria Montessori (teacher and educator): use of material, role of the educator and the décor of the surroundings allow the child to acquire a certain ability and to practice it in total autonomy. Special attention is given to the affective and emotional dimension of the children, leaving the child the freedom to grow up according to his own natural rhythms of life.

Within walking distance from the nursery there is the charming Parco della Caffarella, a green oasis where many outdoor activities are organised, such as day trips and structured workshops working together with the parents, with the aim of drawing children towards nature. From watering plants to looking after living creatures, to observing the leaves changing colour and shape according to the different seasons, the park becomes a constant source of precious events and moments.

The nursery piccolo nido is an integrated facility for the early childhood authorised by the Municipality of Rome, set up for the reception of children age 18 to 36 months.

For the educational year 2019/2020 registrations are open.

For information:

Via Carlo Cipolla, 58/60 – 00182 Rome
Tel. +39 0678393432
Mobile. +39 3402526939

Website nursery piccolo nido 
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Completed projects

At school with the world

At school with the world is a project aimed at the primary school and it provides a playful educational course to promote education to cross-culture through drama workshops with the involvement of teachers, theatre experts and intercultural mediators.

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