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Since its establishment, a part of the activities of Programma integra has involved the support for the drafting and coordination of interventions for local authorities and public institutions on the issues of reception and integration of migrants and refugees. Over the years, this activity has become a service of advice and assistance not only on issues of National and European planning but also on technical assistance to the reporting of complex projects.

Current projects

Support office for the integrated service “Roma SCIMAI” and reporting assistance

As part of the integrated office SCIMAI set up at the Social Services Department of Rome Capitale, Programma integra in RTI with the social cooperative San Saturnino is responsible for providing support and assistance to reporting. Rome SCIMAI – Integrated City Monitoring, Reception and Inclusion System is the project financed by the Ministry of Labour and Social Policies to prevent serious adult marginalization and homelessness. SCIMAI intends to create an integrated system of coordinated management of the problems related to serious marginalization, hospitality and social inclusion through the coordination of experimental services such as “Housing First” and the “Solidarity Condominium” alongside classic interventions such as the “Unità di Strada”, the “SOS switchboard”. The support office is intended to guarantee uniformity and consistency to all the interventions connected in the Project financed in Rome Capital, both in terms of social benefits and in terms of technical, administrative coordination and reporting of European funds which they finance it.

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Implementation of a “Feasibility study in the field of corporate social responsibility aimed at transparency and value distribution within the cooperative chain” as a contribution to the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development

The study financed by Invitalia – National Agency for the attraction of development and business investments – wants to text the feasibility of a digital platform, integrated on blockchain and smart contract, which supports the development of cooperatives, both building a virtual place to connect its services and both the exchange of innovative tools for creating new projects. Furthermore, the platform introduces value distribution devices to the communities that use the services.